Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

For decades, traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has become the preferred option for treating the effects of menopause. The advent of modern HRT was a milestone back in the 1960s and persisted until just a few years ago when its shortcomings were revealed. A major study — the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI)—tracking 161,808 postmenopausal women taking traditional hormone therapy was cut short after only four years of their planned 15-year span — because researchers noticed the adverse consequences of the therapy outweighed their anticipated benefits.Click his comment is here.

There was confusion among both health-care practitioners and patients. Suddenly, people were no longer conscious of where to turn when treating the effects of menopause. This is a big cause of worry not only for millions of women who were still under traditional HRT, but also for many other millions of women who join menopause when the generation of Baby Boomer enters the middle ages. In the era of technology and knowledge nowadays, women no longer have to stay and suffer because they care about their quality of life. They do a little research and are educating themselves on other options available for managing their symptoms related to menopause and approaching their health care practitioners from a different position. Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is one very exciting option-as controversial as it may be among health care professionals. This alternative is now undergoing a huge wave in popularity because it has become the subject of conversation lately on Oprah’s show, Dr. Phil’s show, “The Doctors” series, etc.

There are hundreds of physicians in the U.S. who have now introduced BHRT in their clinic for many years who are supporting thousands upon thousands of women with their menopausal problems to get relief. And let’s not forget it’s already been a common medical practice in Europe for decades.

Why does BHRT compound achieve some popularity and rising demand?

  1. Since BHRT goods include hormones with chemically similar molecular structures to those produced by a woman’s body, the body can not differentiate between its own hormones and those contained in BHRT. This also lets BHRT achieve outcomes that are completely safe from the side effects that traditional HRT faces.
  2. Since all such components of hormone in BHRT goods are components licensed by FDA. They are synthesized from plants such as wild yams or soy beans in an FDA-approved laboratory.
  3. Since BHRT offers customized / individualized remedies for hormonal imbalances often faced by women during menopause era.
  4. Last but not least, because women need to be offered alternative choices and being allowed to decide what is best for their health and quality of life together with their health care practitioners.