Care And Maintenance Of Marble Counter Tops

Natural stone is a popular and elegant solution for fresh and appealing looking kitchen and bathroom counter tops. With a range of options from marble to travertine, the shapes, materials, colors and designs to choose from for your counter tops are infinite and can be enjoyed and displayed for years to come. It is important to conduct frequent cleanings and take other preventive measures to maintain the beauty and strength of your counter tops. check that here.

The first thing to do to help prevent wear and tear on your stone counter tops is to have them sealed correctly right after installation. Natural stone is a beautiful material but, if you are not careful, it is prone to stain and water damage. When the builder forgets to cover the tiles, if you’re patient and read the notes very closely, the procedure can be quickly carried on by yourself. If you don’t feel confident about the operation, don’t seal your own tile. You might cause more damage to the tile than success.

Some of the easiest ways to keep your counter tops after proper sealing and lengthening their lifespan could be described as a few simple steps of common sense. Wipe away all spills, debris, dirt and other materials that could damage your stone before it has a chance of staining or discoloring. Often use a gentle cloth to clean the counters down and use low pH detergent to avoid oxidation of the stone tiles, and if you have persistent stains that do not appear instantly, use a gentle bristled brush in a circular motion to extract them can be of great benefit.

Never use a knife or any other sharp utensil on your bare counter; invest in cutting boards, sheets of plastic and other protection to prevent cuts, gouges and other physical damage to the tile. Open cuts in the sealant and tile can allow further infestation of water and bacteria and later cause more cleaning difficulties. If cracks and cuts arise in the protective sealant, after washing, you can not neglect to paint your stone tiles to help avoid staining, and to further reduce the risks of staining.

Natural stone tile can be a stunning choice for every kitchen or bathroom and breathe fresh life into the whole room, and you can keep your counter top looking spectacular and eye-catching for years with careful maintenance and considerate care.