Keep Mosquitoes Away From You: 4 Do’s And Don’ts

It is hard to fall asleep at night in summer because of the feeling that someone is looking for a chance to feast on you. Indeed, they call the tiny creatures mosquitoes. If you don’t have a clue how these insects feast on you, you can use the following do’s and don’t keep them away. This will help you get a good night’s sleep.

Do: Use Wind Power

If the breeze is over 1Mph, then it will be hard for mosquitoes to fly. So, you’ll be good if you select a breezy place for your outing. Aside from this, plug-in fans can be used to do the same trick. All you have to do is channel the air flow to your bottom half.

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Don’t: use candles with citronella or other coils

Although oils such as citronella can repel insects, they only work when there is smoke or smell between you and the tiny creatures. So, if you light up the tiki torches off the ground a few meters away, mosquitoes won’t go away. Planting these plants in your backyard is what you need to do.

Do: Stop consuming other foods

Mosquitoes use carbon dioxide, or CO2, to access the food supplies. When your heart beats quickly, you get more CO2 generated. Yeah, whether you’re drinking alcohol, doing exercise, or consuming spicy stuff, the metabolic rate will go up and you’ll generate more gas. As a consequence, creatures can become attractive to you. And you may not want to participate in these things before bedtime.

Don’t: Eat these supplements or foods

Eating garlic, bananas, or vitamin B supplements can repel mosquitoes, some people say. The fact, however, is that no good can come out of such things when it comes to repelling mosquitoes.

Do: put on tightly woven dress

Mosquitoes can not get into tightly woven clothes according to experts. Although cotton and linen are not good at keeping the bugs away, certain synthetic fibers can be used to achieve the purpose. Apart from this, clothing which can be used for sun safety will also do the job very well.

Don’t: Use ultrasonic instruments

There are lots of apps and devices on the market which claim to repel mosquitoes. Some of the devices create dragonfly sound. But don’t buy them, because they’re not running.

Do: Use colors like those

Mosquitoes look for food sources to look for, especially during the day. Since they don’t travel too far, they find the sources by searching for the contrast level based material. To them, dark colors are more prominent and not so attractive are the light colours. So, you might want to put colors of light on.

Don’t: Wear mouthwash

Listerine repels the bugs according to some people because there is eucalyptol in mouthwash. And eucalyptol is an ingredient common to bug replants. Aside from this, Triclosan is another common ingredient in mouthwash that is associated with malaria prevention. Research has, however, proved that these creatures can not be warded off by mouthwash.