Package Design for Indie Filmmakers

Package design is often the most important means for independent filmmakers to advertise and market. Your films packaging is often the only way small filmmakers can really afford to market, and it is the one that most consumers will make their purchase decision. And whether you know of it or not, your production kit shows the audience what to make about your feature. Therefore, make sure you have a good design that attracts interest in your film.You can learn more at package design

Obviously having interesting images on the package is important, as is a good copy for the package back. However, the package itself, what it’s made of, how it’s put together is often as important as any picture, the method of putting together a package determines what you can charge for your movie.

There is a three-tiered package design system in the music industry , starting with low-cost cardboard, then moving to sturdier jewel cases, and finally going into a larger, more creative design.

Even the film industry is now doing this, with mid-cost packages coming out first, followed by designers and lower-cost packages to pick up collectors and those not interested in buying the more expensive film.

Remember packaging design is a way to brand your movie, a way to advertise your movie to shopping. It’s important to make sure the box specifies what the movie is.

Sadly, for most small independent films, complex packaging is often not an option and you have to go with more standard jewel packaging or basic plastic cases for DVDs. Never neglect the strength of numbers in exploiting transactions. If you can get enough indie filmmakers together and order each of you to create 10,000 or so cases, it may be possible to get very complex designs produced by a company. Searching for potential companies could take a lot of time for information to troll B2B networks.

For many Indie film labels, even this isn’t necessarily an option, and for those who don’t have the time or ability to set up a team, there are still internet retail outlets that can help provide many different DVD case sales options.

One option for creatively packaging your movie would be to attach the booklet outside the DVD case instead of placing it inside the case. This would help your DVD stand out while providing more information on the film that many potential consumers need to make an indie film decision. However, this method runs three risks, including higher costs, damaging booklets incidental or purposeful vandalism. Over-information can reduce the probability of random purchases. It is therefore recommended that if you choose to use this method, you do so shortly after other DVD sales, this system will likely encourage those who need more information to buy while not discouraging those who buy spontaneously.