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Are you a company mentor, a life coach or a career coach who is enthusiastic regarding coaching but who finds it difficult to get customers? Your mission is to mentor and support your clients, not sell, but you’re still noticing that you’re wasting a big part of your energy on ads. And although you’re spending a lot of your time on marketing, the results you’re looking for don’t yet come with you.

What should you do if you’re a coach but not a marketing enthusiast? How are you still finding coaching clients so you can train them, which is what you’re so passionate about? Here are four tips to help you get more coaching clients, so you can do what you like-coach them: 1. Decide exactly how you wish to help.official site

It all begins with finding a group of people interested in what you’ve got to offer. It is not easy to sell your coaching services to everyone, and you will find yourself selling to very different people non-stop. And when you market to very different people, you won’t be able to do that effectively, because different people are seeking very different coaching outcomes.

Alternatively, find a group of individuals who need and deserve your coaching resources and can support them. Your group of people could be women, for example, who are between 30 and 50 years old.

  1. Decide What You Want To Help Them With.

Decide now what you want them to assist with. There are many items you can support the people with. Look for problems for which the group of people you’ve chosen really need solutions. For eg, if the group of people you selected are women, who are 30-50 years old, take a look at what this community wants, what kind of problems they have, what kind of support they are asking for, etc. 3. Decide How to Help Them.

How will you give the instruction to your coaching clients?

Of course you should sell your one-on – one coaching opportunities, but there’s a ton of options to do that. You can also deliver community counseling, ebooks, teleseminars, resources for the home study and more.

  1. End! Start!

If you don’t get started you won’t be able to help people with your coaching services!