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WordPress was first put online in 2003. It developed out of the 2001b2/cafelog planned by Michel Valdrighi. It was designed to improve the style and readability of the regularly and frequently generated material. It started with less than 10 people, but has since developed to be the world’s largest self-hosted blogging platform. So why is it also used as a CMS that practically operates millions of full-blown websites providing much more than blogging?

WordPress as a writing resource is / was, and still is, imperious. Nonetheless, as a website management tool it excels in the early’ 10s of the 21st Century at many of the more basic criteria for a website. I strongly suggest you to visit White Label Websites Near Me

Take the templating or thematic of a WordPress website for example. The technology has become so common that a web designer can use or change literally thousands of free themes to create a unique theme that fits a customer. But that is open, you may claim, to many CMS’s like Joomla. It is, but a WordPress site’s theme is far more rational than the bid of many other CMS’s.

So what, for many of the more common open source CMS systems, every web designer worth their pay should be able to design a theme. That’s real, but it’s the combination of this simple process and many other WordPress features that together makes a compelling reason to use it as a CMS website.

The fact that the hosting specifications are so easy to meet, the management environment is so straightforward, the pages are running fast and there is a wide array of knowledgeable and professional community members who often have answers to difficult issues almost immediately takes out so much design and development time that costs can be reduced.

Websites that are developed on the open source framework of WordPress are incredibly easy to construct with impressively complex website management tools. Take ecommerce for example; WordPress site has a multitude of ecommerce plugins. Each of these plugins has its benefits and limitations but it reduces the entrance skill level for a web sited designer / builder to such a degree that it needs almost no coding skills at all.