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Vehicle accidents are, as the word suggests, somehow inevitable. Accidents that occur on the road or while driving can cause significant injury to a person, or worse, lead to death. Vehicle accidents rank high among the leading causes of death in many countries around the world and the number of accident deaths reported is on a trend upward. Accidents happen even without our knowledge of it, and sometimes seem inevitable; it is important to know how to deal with them if we ever encounter them.The Angell Law Firm, LLC offers excellent info on this.

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Deaths from motor vehicle accidents reached 43,354 in 2002, representing 1.8 per cent of the total number of deaths recorded throughout the United States. The figure shows that motor vehicle accidents caused 43.7 per cent of the total number of accidental deaths in the United States. Speeding, bad weather, drunk driving and drug use, sleepiness, and driver’s attitude are seen as the leading causes of automobile accidents in virtually every country in the world. Such factors combined with poor road conditions and vehicle maintenance raise the risk of automobile accidents.

Speeding ranks first among others in many countries across the world , including the United States and Canada, as the primary cause of automobile accidents. To avoid this common problem, every country imposes a certain speed limit, although it can be effectively avoided by simply slowing down, suffering injuries and finding one self in an accident. Speeding is a deliberate practice, and is mainly triggered by the driver’s aggressive driving style, recognizing there are dangers, but simply ignoring them. Nearly 90 percent of licensed drivers in their driving careers have driven at high speed many times and 75 percent are repeat offenders. 90 per cent of all licensed drivers admitted that they were potentially speeding at some point, while 75 per cent admitted that they were frequently committing this crime.

Bad weather is also a major catapult of vehicle accidents. Drivers experience weather-related distractions such as rain , fog, and snow which affect both road condition and vision. Drivers should be able to change their driving style and adjust to a more cautious driving style to prevent major accidents if they drive on the road under bad weather. Furthermore, driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs can cause vehicle accidents. Alcohol and drugs cause a person to lose his or her lip

Sleepiness is also a common cause of car accident. The National Safety Administration has stated that there have been about 100,000 accidents in the U.S. each year caused by sleepiness. Sleepiness is largely caused by fatigue, especially for those people who make long hours of work and long hours of awakeness. To avoid feeling tired and drowsy while driving, it is necessary for a driver to get some rest and relax for a while before driving.