7 Tips On How To Select A Good Fundraising Auctioneer

While it may sound like a cliche, it is real. A good Auctioneer for Fundraising doesn’t cost you money. A successful Auctioneer fund raising will make you rich. In reality, a good Auctioneer can be worth his / her weight in gold because they can lift the budget of the entire year and more Powell Auction & Realty, LLC Knoxville ┬áin a single night.

While looking for a Fund Raising Auctioneer for your group or organization, here are seven valuable tips to help you select the best Auctioneer.

1) Experience in the auction industry: Auctioneers are not all alike. Much as Doctors and Lawyers have varying degrees of expertise and various practice fields, so do Auctioneers. Some Auctioneers have considerable experience while others are fresh from Auction School. The majority of Auctioneers are generalists; others are experts. Many have excellent reputations, some do not. Many specialize in auction fund raising, some may be less interested in them. So if you pick the wrong Auctioneer to manage your case, it could cost you a lot of money for your decision. Your goal should be to locate an Auctioneer with significant experience, impeccable integrity, and someone who understands the intricacies of operating a highly successful Auction, from beginning to finish, 2) Fund Raising Auction Experience: Not all Auctioneers are good Fundraising Auctioneers. Automobile auctioneers are also considered the best in business because they are speaking quickly and selling fast, selling maybe 150 cars an hour. The rapid approach to fire works well with vehicles, and on TV (we can say “Barrett-Jackson Auctions”). It doesn’t really fit well with Fund Raising Auctions as most attendees are not Auction-oriented at your case. Some are frustrated with the Auction process because they’re new to it. Some have never been to an Auction before, so the Auctioneer needs to move a little quicker to match their needs. An professional auctioneer from Fundraising can understand how to communicate with your audience, how to read the crowd and how to raise more funds for your cause.

3) Prestige and Name Recognition: The goal is to recruit the best available Fundraising Auctioneer. What one are you recruiting from? Often the best way is to find out who is being used by the other charitable organizations in your city. When the same name begins to show up, it will occur for a reason. And that’s because those groups are pleased with the success of the Auctioneer and the amount of money that Auctioneer raises for their group. Many Auctioneers have great reputations and are highly regarded within the community; some are not so highly respected. Rest assured you will find someone who will serve you well.

4) Pre-event Plans and Innovation: Typically an accomplished Fund Raising Auctioneer would have a greater idea of how to execute these activities than the entire committee combined. Many non-profit fund raising committees have one or two paying staff members and the majority are volunteers, who also have little to no experience with auction. Committee turnover typically involves the replacement of seasoned volunteers with new volunteers, which further compounds the problem. A good Auctioneer fund raising will get you through this. Before the case, they’ll consult with your Committee. They will help you understand what sells well, what does not sell well, how and where to buy sealable goods, and how to run a successful and smooth event. We are aware of cases where, as a result of the Auctioneer’s advice, the auction income more than doubled in just one year. Every charge you pay to your Auctioneer is worth this service by itself.

5) Passion For Your Cause & Case: You can find the best Auctioneer in the world, but you can find another Auctioneer if they are not excited about the case. Enthusiasm is infectious, and whether your Auctioneer believes in what you’re doing or just goes through the motions and doesn’t really want to be there, the audience can easily sense it. Your Auctioneer represents the company on the podium, so make sure to recruit someone who portrays the community with the best picture possible.

6) Salespersonnel. The Ability to Work a Room: It distinguishes the skilled Auctioneer from the novice inexperienced. Far too many organisations are falsely persuaded that if they secure an unpaid volunteer’s services to call the Auction, they will be saving money themselves. But the fact is, it costs them money for this decision. Typically, a “Volunteer Auctioneer” is anyone related to the community, such as a member of the board, a relative, a local official or a local celebrity. The person may feel comfortable with a group, but they don’t know how to squeeze money out of the place. The room will be handled by a good Auctioneer, they will tell when the bid is finished, they can push the Auction along quickly, and they can also seek more bids from the room than any volunteer Auctioneer.

7) Special Pledge Appeals: A Special Pledge Appeal will also double or triple the amount of money collected from a Fund Auction … in just a matter of minutes. Yet far too few groups benefit from this Fund Raising device. When you find an Auctioneer who follows Tips # 1-# 6 and is also successful in enforcing a Special Pledge Appeal … don’t look anymore. That Auctioneer is an accomplished Fund Raising Auctioneer, they understand the true power of Fund Raising Auctions, and they can raise large sums of money for your group … year after year.

In short, don’t judge the Auctioneer by the price they demand. Think then all the pre-event support, creative fund raising strategies, an auction-day bid call, the improved revenue stream they offer, and the event’s overall performance. When all is considered, if you have chosen the right Auctioneer, the crowd will say at the end of the night “Thank you for having us spend our money with you. We’ll be back next year … with our mates. This is the ultimate indication of a good Rising Auction Fund.