Tips To Door Handle Care And Maintenance

You’ve taken the time to settle on the theme, design and finish for your new door handles, you’ve installed them and they look great. Now you want to keep them looking fresh, but what is the best way to look after them and clean them up?

Outdoor door handles that require a different type of care and maintenance than those used indoors, but it doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive to keep up with it. Your door handle or door pull finish will decide which type of product is best suited to keeping it clean and usable.To fiind more info Avant-Garde Hardware

NEVER use wire wool or carbon steel brushes to clean your stainless steel door handles and pulls-this can cause surface damage and allow particles to become embedded in the surface, resulting in rusting or other corrosion. Warm water, mild detergent and a soft cloth are all you really need to keep your stainless steel clean, and make sure you dry it well after washing to avoid leaving any water marks. Any non-scratching household abrasive cleaner should do the trick for more stubborn stains, again make sure they rinse thoroughly and dry!

While you may have spent hours helping your grandparents polish the fireside companion package, the best way to keep your brass door furniture shiny when it comes to your door handles is with clean, easy warm soapy water and a soft cloth. We have all treated the polished brass ranges with a special lacquer, and the use of metal polishes or other abrasive cleaners can weaken this and cause it to wear away much quicker than it would under regular usage. The lacquer can eventually break down after a good few years of use, at which point you can cut or pull the door handle and treat it with an acetone thinner that is applied with a soft brush. Dry well with a soft cloth, then polish with a polished metal. Thereafter daily polishing will keep them looking great.

The best way to keep your chrome handles look great is to dust them and give them a quick wash with the tried and tested soft cloth and warm soapy water combination. Keep a lint free cloth or towel to dry thoroughly afterwards. The occasional wipe over with a light oil will also help keep your handles looking. Do not use metal polish or abrasive cleaner of any kind.

Black Antique While often coated with hardwearing finishes, iron-based products are always susceptible to rust. To reduce the likelihood of this, be sure to remove any toxic particles that may contribute to corrosion, and from time to time wipe over the door handle with a light oil applied with a soft cloth.