What You Need to Know About Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Are you tired of lugging a heavy vacuum cleaner with a long cord that gets tangled everywhere? Do you want to learn more? Visit How important is it to vacuum your carpet regularly? – SolutionHow. A cordless vacuum cleaner then is the answer for you. These vacuums require no cord and one of their great advantages is that they are extremely light in weight. They have small components that use DC current and suction fans, such as small electric motors. They are very easily available in department stores as well as home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s and also in appliance stores. Another great place to shop for your cordless vacuum cleaner is the internet. You can look at a wide variety of models with different features in different price ranges from the comfort of your home thus making you more confident in your decision.

Cordless ones have a very good reach and this enables you to clean dust from small as well as hard to reach areas. They are also multifunctional. They can be used to clean both large areas such as kitchens and stairs as well as small areas such as your car. They can be used to clean pet hair, your electronics such as a computer, etc. The input electrical power range of these machines can be anywhere from 20 watts to 200 watts. There are also some cordless hand held vacuums available in the market.


  1. No cord to pull behind you everywhere you use your vacuum cleaner to clean.
  2. Its weight is very small.
  3. Can be used both for sweeping large areas and small spaces.
  4. Small electronic devices like PDA, mobile phones, MP3 players, palmtops, PDA and your desktop PC are very useful for washing.
  5. If the place you want to clean is out of your wired vacuum cleaner’s cable radius, you’ll need to pull out extension cords. But you can prevent this problem by using a cordless vacuum cleaner.
  6. Many manufacturers such as Eureka Forbes say their versions are lower in power consumption. This lets you save on fuel.
  7. Most versions are in bagless quality. They have a detachable chamber of collections that you empty out once it is full. By not having to buy replacement bags you end up saving a lot of money.