Tips On How To Make Your Home Bigger Without Tearing Out The Walls

My daughter took a photography class and they wanted yard art shots. What we noticed was that everywhere there are beautiful yards, no matter how big, small, or within the size of the property. Being a professional organizer when I went through all sizes of houses to get rid of the clutter I found how much stuff people have made a huge difference in their lives and in their home’s livability. If you’re looking for more tips, garagesmart shelving & baskets  has it for you.

Equally important is getting rid of the clutter whether you live in a big house or a small one. Here are 5 basic tips which will make it as easy as pie to get rid of the clutter.

  1. Get rid of clutter-Clutter is things you don’t need, don’t like it and don’t have a spot to put it on. It’s just stuff that aren’t put back until used. Instead, these items become magnets of waste.
  2. Look at the room you have and come up with different ideas for the environment if it isn’t being used effectively. A cabinet can be used to store art, for example, or as an entertainment center; it can be a full office, not to mention a place to store clothes.
  3. Have you got empty corners where you could put a cupboard or bookshelf in the corner? If you buy a corner cupboard be aware that it is sufficiently big enough to hold what you want to hold there.
  4. Purchase double working furniture. Traditionally an ottoman is the spot where you can rest your feet. There are attractive ones that can be used indoors for storage too. They can store toys, magazines or an additional blanket.
  5. Vertical storage is a frequent overlooked spot. Place shelves for detergents, bleaches and other laundry items at walls in the laundry room. Hang a shelf near the front door and placed a decorative basket on it to carry things that need to be picked and taken in the morning or mail, keys etc. Using overhead storage racks in the garage for short or long term storage containers. It is a clever way of using space which is otherwise wasted.

There’s always a way to get rid of the clutter and increase storage space where it’s needed, no matter what size your house is.