Create Your Brand Online

How could an industry so reliant on the look and feel of online selling of its goods be profitable? As it turned out, most experts expecting weak consumer adoption for online clothing shopping were totally wrong.

According to ZD Net Study, growth rates for online clothing purchases reached 40 percent in 2005, and the market is currently the fastest in ecommerce. Apparel executives are rising their online stores with more tenacity than ever by implementing various tactics of digital marketing.

Recall the days the fashion company online was an afterthought? That was before companies understood the value of the Internet in the fashion purchase process, and before today’s sophisticated ecommerce destinations were established.weblink here.

Web a “must have” promotional platform Things have changed drastically in just 3 years. Many of the fastest growing ecommerce companies are focused in the fashion market, and by creativity and consumer interactivity apparel leaders attract consumers.

Since mass buyers of clothing are absorbed in online media on a regular basis, from an advertisement standpoint the Website has developed itself as a “must have” and the figures suggest no decline of web expenditure anytime soon.

As such, Outsell Inc.’s “Annual Ad Spending Study: Where and Why Marketers are Going Online” revealed that 80 percent of marketers include the Web in their marketing mix. This figure is projected to grow by 2008 to 90 per cent.

Online marketing investment is expected to rise by 19 percent this year, which is eight times the 2.4 percent increase predicted for TV and radio ads, and six times the expected to rise by 3.3 percent for print adverstising.