Near Me Dispensaries- A Closer Look

There are 16 Legal Medical Marijuana States and District of Columbia in the United States that currently have laws that legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Countries are:

Alaska, Alaska, California , Colorado, Connecticut , Delaware, Honolulu, Massachusetts, Illinois, Montana, Nevada , New York, Texas, Vermont, Rhode Island and Virginia.

You may only purchase a Marijuana Card if you are suffering from a medical condition as prescribed by a doctor.

Although medical marijuana has been approved by many states as an alternative form of medication for many ailments, the U.S. government is still opposed to state laws on marijuana approved by voters.Near Me Dispensaries offers excellent info on this.

For instance, in a well-written article, there is reason to believe that those marijuana patients in states currently allowing marijuana to be used for medicinal purposes are in danger of losing their right to second amendment.

Second Amendment Protections as a U.S. resident include The Freedom to Bear Weapons.

According to the article, the Alcohol , Tobacco, Firearms Bureau (ATF) says a patient is giving up his or her constitutional right simply by letting the state know they want to take medical marijuana.

The report further points out that consumers of medicinal marijuana even for getting a prescription card have limited privileges.

The ATF sees things this way:

If you are a patient with medical marijuana you violate the Sect federal code. 922(g) of the Statutory Arms Control Act, which effectively stipulates that someone “who is an illegal consumer or addicted to any controlled drug” is essentially prohibited from owning or obtaining firearms or ammunition.