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What case will you choose? You have a discount shop of payments totalling $10,000 to be paid, in bills and returns, into your bank account. Company was successful so you stored the cash in a secure office overnight so now you and 3 other workers are in the shop. The cash is in 3 bank bags for delivery, and the day is just starting to take form and there are already twice as many buyers as there are workers in the shop.Find expert advice about Armed Security Guard San Diego County read here.

Choice 1-A gentlemen in a uniform walks in and says, “I’m here to pick up the receipts.” His neatly cleaned, freshly laundered uniform looks amazing. Just outside the door to your shop you see his car, and a canister of mace in his belt loop. He does not have any other guns on his body. No holsters or signs that he can carry defensive gear, such as body armour. He is a security officer without weapons.

Choice 2-A protection truck that is clearly labelled drives to the entrance and two mounted guards get out. One is standing at one end of the car, while the other is leaving the car, in the hand protection pocket. All people are well armed and appear to be well educated and relaxed, aware of their environment and certain of their procedures. The first officer approaches the store and his eyes automatically assess the clients in your shop and their proximity to him and find any blind areas where anyone may be waiting. The other guard on the ground, meanwhile, checks the streets and sidewalks while he waits.

Which individual do you think is the right option to carry your money with you to the bank? The choice is simple for most of us-pick the one that seems like it will safeguard your investments and provide the highest possible stable distribution for them. Although initially foreboding, guards with guns express a powerful message of individuals and properties being secured. If you have extremely high value objects, or the risk for failure is very high, an armed guard is a effective deterrent. When you have clients that are prone to opportunists, an armed guard gives the idea that they will use power to defend life and properties and guarantee the health of all. Look out, express alert word and willingness to defend us. That’s why most of us weren’t going to entrust the money back to an unprotected guard operating alone.

Armed defense is not a choice that has to be made lightly; others that feel uncertain that there is such a need for armed protection. Mounted protection, though, more frequently serves as a barrier to arising events in the first place. If you were a thief you should pick what place? One where well-equipped watchful qualified and protected men is there to fight you if appropriate or one where there was no high-value protection and items? Armed officers, act as alerts to the employees and clients that you are treating personal protection seriously. Places of elevated vulnerability and accident records, like attacks and the like, also should understand the benefits of the trained staff. Research also found that with the addition of one of the most trained security officers, regions with heavy failure and heightened danger are dramatically enhanced. Not all wants an armed guard, but the peace of mind and minimized injuries are well worth the risk of incorporating armed guards into their overall protection strategy for the majority.