Axe Throwing- An Overview

Will you get tired of playing the same sports?

So why not give this trendy sport named “Axe Throwing” a shot.

Axe Throwing isn’t entirely a modern sport. Surprisingly it is an ancient event that is almost overlooked. Axe Throwing has occurred since time immemorial. In the 3rd century AD the Franks developed it as Francisca. Additionally it was used by Germans, accompanied by Anglo-Saxons.Twisted Axes Throw House offers excellent info on this.

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Yet Canada is the nation which has brought this game a new lease on life. Okay, the idea is a bit different because the tossing of the pole is now taking place in an industrial environment. Only the United States thought of taking up this game with the rising success in Canada, and now it’s becoming a rage over there.

Axe throwing thrives in Australia, though even in several other countries. According to a new report by the National Axe Throwing Federation (NATF), up to now people have hurled almost 20 million axes.

Now let’s ask what precisely Axe Throwing is.

What’s Throwing the Axe?

Axe Throwing is a activity started back in 2006. It is also identical to the throwing of the dart which is done in a backyard where the individual will aim an axe at the goal. There, the goal is to reach the bullseye as close near as practicable. It was also mentioned in most Lumberjack competitions as an feature.

Currently the most famous leagues on Axe Throwing are:

WATL (League of Tossing Planet Axes)

IATF (Federation for the Throwing of Foreign Axes, formerly NATF)

Despite the evolving times, Axe Throwing is also being sold in a number of countries such as Canada, New Zealand, Asia , the United States and the UK. Today you will hear axe throwing in numerous events and amusement parks too.