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Looking back over the span of my 15 years coaching career, I have found one thing. The wealthier I became, the more my partners were. And the more popular I became the more my clients were productive.

I learned that age has some benefits, and one of those advantages is to benefit from the many mistakes along the way. Wherever it happens to me, I lacked the pride in having to look good to people, and now have the ability to fully set foot in the shoes of another and experience what they are currently experiencing. I think this talent has developed over time, through teaching so many others through all the interactions I’ve had. Over years and years, I have had excellent training and as a result of using all the experience, I can now work with a Chairman or an employee, with only myself and my instincts. Therefore what occurs is nothing short of miraculous!Read other.

This past week I was able to work with two mid-sized business CEOs that are heading people’s teams. Both have had tremendous success with their businesses but now they want to go from being decent to amazing. We want to grow their firms, and have a wider impact on the world we work in, not just on their direct clients.

The only place to start with such lofty goals is by speaking with the CEO. Where do you stand in your life? Tell me which people you are? What is the meaning of that? Why is it that makes you tick? At this point in time what brought you to this place in your life? Who were your templates for early roles? How did you know you’ve been able to lead like you have? Where do you like you need to expand to get your company to next level?

As I got to know these CEOs and appreciate the passion they each held towards success in their life, I was able to pull out the ideals they each had decided to live their lives by. While each one was special and had various styles, the words poured from me only to remind them who they were in the world. Champion, dedicated, driven, concentrated, honest, trustworthy, wise, reasonable, or caring, warm and concerned. They also had workers that they nurtured along the way, and they managed teams, and they were engaged in the community.

Both came to a point in their coaching though where they knew they needed to develop certain characteristics and attributes that would translate into the new roles they needed to fulfill in order to go to the next stage of their companies. We need to be a leader for the company as a CEO and they need to motivate those around them. We need to inspire the people and be able to speak with confidence and belief.