Mistakes to Avoid on Competition Day

As an athlete, all these years you have worked hard to stay fit and participate on the international platforms, have you not? So, are you aware of the errors you need to make on the key day or a day before the competition? Not sure? not sure? Here are four errors you can stop on competition day: Raising too much weight This is a major NO – NO! Cutting down before the match means you run the risk that you will not perform well. State level games and championships can be won at 80-90 percent efficiency, but it’s impossible to win international games and championships until and unless you’re 110 percent fit. Maintaining the correct weight is an important part of winning, so consult your doctor before doing so if you think you can lose weight.Check Frisco School Of Music & Performing Arts

No Game Plan Make your homework a must have as a solid game plan! You can’t just head out into the field without a plan in your mind. Game plans will help you win fights, make you emerge a winner from difficult and daunting circumstances and play a major role in keeping you solid. Be sure to have a plan in mind when entering an international competition. Gather all of your opponent’s information for this, and then build your plan.

For a sportsman, not having the Right mindsetMindset is everything. If a team or an player psychologically gives up, he will lose the game well before the game is eventually decided. Once you enter the game you should be in a good mindset. Tell yourself, just want to win or reach for the gold medal? Another important aspect here is reading the attitude of your opponent, and taking advantage of it when it is negative. But note-You too can do the same!

Eliminating Distractions A number of athletes talk about distractions, and a big mistake they make in this regard is taking their mates along! Although it enhances their self-confidence for some people to have their friends and family watching their match, but if you can’t handle the pressure of having your loved ones see you play live, NOT bring them to the main event!

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