The Initial Consultation With a Divorce Lawyer

Few people would like to meet a divorce lawyer and fewer still know what to expect when they meet a family lawyer. This article will be of assistance during this process.

If you visit the doctor, you shouldn’t feel like you’re being handled like you are being handled. You won’t wait for long and few if there are any other people waiting with you, unless your lawyer is part of a bigger firm with a waiting room shared by several other lawyers. Your solicitor will make you feel confident and trust him or her not to cause you stress.Do you want to learn more? official site

When you call the attorney’s office, the receptionist or assistant will inform you that even though you do not talk with the solicitor, your name and anything you say will be confidential. When you want a call back from an attorney, inform the attorney or his / her staff whether you can be retrieved, if the caller ID should be switched off to protect the identity of the attorney, and if it is appropriate to leave a message.

Most likely, the lawyer won’t ask you to bring anything to your initial consultation unless you’ve already been served with legal papers in which case you should bring them to the lawyer to review. Make a copy or keep those documents in a secure place if you notice something left around your home or office. Such records have a disappearing “habit” once litigation starts.

A matrimonial attorney can give you an summary of the legal system, the divorce process, problems affecting your children, asset and debt distribution, compensation (alimony and child support), and fees for lawyers and consultants where appropriate. To address those issues, you need to be asked by an attorney questions that seek intensely personal attention. Your lawyer needs the truth and the details to help make your consultation useful. You do have to say the truth no matter what, because the advice you are given will come from the details you are providing to the attorney.

If you have kids with the other party, you should expect your lawyer to ask you questions about the names of the kids, birth dates, addresses and health problems. The lawyer isn’t there to tell you what you want to hear. He or she is not your friend, nor your therapist. Instead, the lawyer is there to send you an objective solution to your affair.