How To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is more than just about reducing your height and gender and maintaining an appropriate weight. There are three main activities that play a part in keeping a healthy lifestyle. They are physical conditioning, aerobic exercises and a safe and balanced lifestyle.To get additional info, Tips for Living a Healthy Lifestyle – Optimistic Mommy

  1. Control Management

Strength training builds muscle and strengthens the skeleton, ligaments and tendons. Do not think of it as building muscle mass like a body builder but more about firming the muscles and toning them up. When you have more muscle, even while you are resting your body will burn more calories. But the calorie burn is just part of the outcome. You’ll look leaner because of the extra muscle and you’ll feel better about yourself with the leaner look.

  1. Cardiovascular work-out

Cardiovascular exercise offers a variety of benefits. These include a healthy heart, enhanced strength, increased muscle tone and improved sleep, to name only a few. There are a number of aerobic workouts that burn in 30 minutes a good amount of calories.

Walking for 30 minutes at a slow rate can consume about 180 calories. In the same time period a high intensity step aerobics class will burn up to 400 calories. Many aerobic activities, such as riding a bike, surfing, playing tennis, cycling and rowing are calories burned in proportions somewhere between.

  1. A healthy and well-balanced diet

Know, no matter how much you workout, you will not lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle if you follow a poor diet. A healthy and balanced diet should be low in saturated fat , sugar and salt, since the body needs some fat to be healthy, you need some unsaturated fat. A good diet mainly consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, whole grains, lean meats and fish.

Live A Safe Life

To shed a pound of weight in a week, 3,500 more calories have to be burned than we drink in. That means 500 calories are burned every day. You can do this by adding muscle through strength training, using cardiovascular exercise to burn calories and watching what you eat.

Living a healthy lifestyle reduces the risk of many of the unhealthy lifestyle-related diseases including obesity , diabetes , heart disease , stroke and shorter life span. With a combination of strength and cardio training and eating a nutritious and balanced diet, weight loss will come naturally and you will be able to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and maintain it.