What You Need to Know About a Recruitor?

The very first internship I have ever had was last summer at a recruiting firm! A recruiting company is an organization that in a client’s name helps find and test applicants for vacant vacancies. Through recruiter concentrated on another industry and had a wealth of expertise regarding their particular industry. Many people I’ve spoken to don’t really know why a recruiting firm would use an organization and how the recruiting firm makes money. recruiter¬†offers excellent info on this.

To make things quick, companies can reach out to a recruitment firm to claim “I need a medical technology industry account executive in Seattle, WA.” Oh, it’s not that easy though, there’s a lot more to it too. It is a long process which usually takes months to complete. Basically, the recruiter for that job would send the recruiting manager the source and screen applicants based on the client requirements, and show their A player candidates. From there, the recruiting manager will pick and evaluate the applicants they believe will be a good match for the role. Because the recruiting firm found that candidate to be the organization they are making money. Still, what I’ve always worried about is how do you decide whether or not you can use a recruitment firm? I’ve conducted a lot of work into why other businesses prefer recruiters, so there’s a lot of valid explanations for that!

1. Maybe the organization’s Human Resources team is totally swamped. They really don’t have resources to go out and find applicants to source, screen and interview.

2. Your HR team has been working for months to fill this vacancy and they are failing. They need the experts to help! Recruiters make a profit doing this. They have other contacts within the business. If you think you need it, let them help!

3. Often companies outsource their HR team, and no one inside the company will actually go out to locate the right applicant. People won’t have time to do their normal job, and also try to be a recruiter.

4. The turnover rate is really high for a particular position and the organization is struggling to keep someone in the role. Recruiting firms can find someone who is an A player, not a job hopper, and someone who’s going to fit in your organization really well.

For this recruiting firm I spent about a year as a sourcer and I know how much patience, detail, time and effort it takes to find that perfect candidate. I would sometimes narrow it down to thousands of people using LinkedIn, Monster or Career.

Builder when I’d be doing searches. Then I’d have to weed the thousands of users out to find out the A game. Good attention to detail and much concentration was needed. It’s often hard to really gage a person based simply on their LinkedIn profile. However, even after you find the ideal candidates, what are the odds they are unhappy about and want to change careers? Normally quite slim. Or, you ‘re going to go through the whole process and the organization is going to do final interviews with their top candidates, and end up choosing none of them. Then, the entire sourcing and screening process needs to begin again! The process takes many months and the reason for this is understandable. I strongly believe that the high-quality candidates are well worth the process.